Agita Keiri

Agita Keiri was born in Riga, Latvia in 1978. In 1991, her father enrolled her the J. Rosenthal Art School, then Latvia’s leading secondary art school. In parallel to a general education, she studied painting, drawing, composition, and art history.


The paintings of Pietro Adamo are abstract celebrations of the artist's admiration for the "unpredictable and inexhaustible record of life". Adamo abandons the monotony of conventional rendering of geometric forms through his textured surfaces and rough contours. In his passion to convey emotion, Adamo intimately works his canvases both applying and removing pigment to create a tactile quality.

Aghassi (Boghos Taslakian)

Aghassi (Boghos Taslakian) was born in Lebanon in 1964. He entered the field of art at a very early age. Blessed with the innate gift, he began painting and sculpting at the age of eleven. In 1981, he started to attain formal training in fine arts, as he enrolled at the “Art Academy of Armenia” taking courses in painting.In 1986, following a brief stay in Lebanon, Aghassi continued his artistic education at the “Academia di Belle Arti di Venezia” in Italy. He returned to Lebanon in 1996.

Danielle O'Connor Akiyama

Danielle O’Connor Akiyama is a Toronto-based Canadian artist who has been painting for twenty-five years. Dannielle has worked with emotionally disturbed adolescents and oncology patients for many years. Since leaving her work as a therapist, Danielle has dedicated herself to the life of painting.

Alexey Terenin

Born in Moscow in 1969, Alexey was raised in Prague from the age of four. The son of an architect, he graduated from the Moscow Architectural Academy in 1992. He never practised as an architect, being invited on graduation to design a stage set for Moscow’s State Bolshoi Theatre production of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet Capriccio.


Sandra Blow R.A. (1925-2006)

Sandra Blow, painter and teacher: born London 14 September 1925; Tutor, Painting School, Royal College of Art 1961-75; ARA 1971, RA 1978; died Truro, Cornwall 22 August 2006.


Noel Bensted

Noel was born in 1970 and studied illustration at Brighton University and the Royal College of Art. He carried out many commissions for pubishers before concentrating on full-time painting in 1997.

Congratulations to Noel Bensted
Finalist for the BP Portrait Awards 2011


Frank Bentley (1941-2006)

Frank Bentley, a self taught painter, is normally placed amongst the "contemporary naive" of British painters. His personalised style has a unique mix of vibrant colour and imaginative composition and are often drawn neither from life, nor entirely from the conscious mind, but based on doodle like scribbles and drawings from his unconscious mind; rediscovering a lost innocence that only children can compare. Paints mostly harbour/coastal, landscapes. There is a wonderfully refreshing quality to his work that lifts the spirit.


Clifford William Blakey (MFA, BWS, FIGA)

Frank Bentley, a self taught painter, is normally placed amongst the "contemporary naive" of British painters. His personalised style has a unique mix of vibrant colour and imaginative composition and are often drawn neither from life, nor entirely from the conscious mind, but based on doodle like scribbles and drawings from his unconscious mind; rediscovering a lost innocence that only children can compare. Paints mostly harbour/coastal, landscapes. There is a wonderfully refreshing quality to his work that lifts the spirit.

Ludmila Curilova

Ludmila Curilova is compelled to paint. Her canvas is the 'looking glass' through which she views and interprets the world. It is also how she responds to it, expressing herself through colour, texture and subject. Born in Kishniev, Moldova, Ludmila was raised in an atmosphere of artistic exploration. Her father was a set designer and scene painter for Moldova's National Theatre of Opera and Ballet. Her mother was a ballerina at the same theatre company and together they instilled a love and appreciation for the arts in all their children.

Sergey Cherep

Born in Leningrad (now St Petersburg) on January 24 1969, Sergey began studying art as a young child. At the age of 3 he developed meningitis and became paralyzed, unable to walk or speak for several years. Attending a school for children with disabilities until he was 7, he began to find comfort in painting. At the age of 8 he was enrolled in a pre-school for artists and went on to attend college at the prestigious Serevo Institute. There he gained extensive knowledge of all the classic art forms, including European art history, photography, print processes, sculpture, restoration techniques and painting everything from still life to portraits

Sherree Valentine Daines

Sherree was born in Effingham in Surrey. After completing her early education, she studied at the Epsom School of Art, where she undertook a fine art courseA young, sensitive and highly accomplished artist, Sherree has a fascination and love for people and the social scene. This passion is shown through her impressionist style on canvas.
Her paintings of Henley Regatta, Royal Ascot and more recently her images of tennis and golf, have made Sherree particularly renowned in the sporting world. Many will remember Sherree being featured on BBC Television painting the Test Cricket Grounds

Maya Eventov

Maya Eventov was born in 1964 in Leningrad, in the former Soviet Union. At a very young age she was introduced by her parents to the great artistic treasures of St. Petersburg. Maya spent countless hours at her favourite Hermitage museum studying the works of great masters, especially those of the post-impressionist period and Russian avant-gardism. The palette of such artists as Matisse, Gauguin and Renoir greatly influenced her interpretation of colour.

Chris Gollon

Chris Gollon is an established name in British painting. Born London 1953, he has enjoyed many solo museum exhibitions in the UK, museum acquisitions and public commissions. He has exhibited at Art Chicago and also with Yoko Ono, David Bowie and Gavin Turk in ROOT, a crossover exhibition of contemporary music and art created by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth, at Chisenhale Gallery, London.

J L Giner

Terri Hallman

Terri Hallman was born in a small town in Wisconsin in 1962. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in design from the Minneapolis College of Art & Design which she attended from 1986 until 1992. Hallman worked in the design field from 1987 until 1991, winning two International awards for Packaging Design What is so special about Hallman’s abstract works is that at first they seem primitive, her subjects are simple.

Karen Hoepting

Karen Hoepting grew up on a farm in rural Ontario just south of Owen Sound, a small port city on Georgian Bay. Growing up in the country usually meant having a lot of nothing to do, so Hoepting and her siblings would often draw and paint to amuse themselves. Animals were always an important part of her life and these were her favorite subjects. She remembers drawing them as carefully and as realistically as possible. This activity was a particular source of happiness to the young girl.

Richard Heeps

Richard Heeps' photography is both art and documentary. He has pursued a wide range of projects with a superb eye for colour and composition, and a keen awareness of the narrative behind the image. His seductive, highly-saturated colours and sophisticated pictorial structures demonstrate a true love and empathy for his subject matter - be it cool, descriptive interiors, still life or landscape. His distinctive style pushes the limits of lens-based photography without the need for digital manipulation.

Magie Hamling

Maggi Hambling CBE (born 23 October 1945 in Sudbury, Suffolk is an English painter and sculptor. Perhaps her best known public works are a memorial to Oscar Wilde in central London and Scallop, a 4 metre high steel sculpture of two interlocking scallop shells on Aldeburgh beach dedicated to Benjamin Britten. Both works have proved controversial.

Vladan Ignatovic

Vladan Ignatovic was born in 1955. He studied Fine Art in private Summer Academies in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. After arriving in Toronto in 1993, he began as an artist for both commercial and residential murals and participated in numerous local art exhibitions. Since 1995, Vladan has worked in the animation industry providing background imagery. His latest work may be seen in the animated series Anne of Green Gables. Vladan paints both abstracts and figurative paintings,using oils, acrylics and mixed media.

Antonio Iannicelli

Antonio Iannicelli was born in Naples in 1952 and has remained in the area living and working in Castelvolturno. Iannicelli’s talents as a painter were apparent even as a young child, and he has continued to take inspiration from his Italian heritage. Iannicelli is a successful international artist who has won numerous awards for his work.

Fabian Jean

Fabian Jean is a graduate with distinction from Concordia University’s Studio Arts program and a grant recipient from the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Quebec. His work can be found in public and corporate collections including Musée du Québec; Canada Council Art Bank; Department of Foreign Affairs, Canadian Embassy, The Hague; Korean Consulate, Montreal; Royal Bank of Canada;

Milt Kobayashi

A third generation Japanese-American, Kobayashi was born in New York City, soon after that his family moved to Oahu, Hawaii, and then ventured to Los Angeles when he was eight. After receiving his B.A. in 1970 from the University of California - Los Angeles, Kobayashi began working as an illustrator. After returning to New York City, a casual visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art permanently altered Kobayashi's artistic direction and prompted a career change. There he saw Velazquez's portrait Juan de Paraja. In Milt Kobayashi’s intimate, urban paintings, time stands still

Moche Kohen

Moché Kohen admits being struck down by the portraits expressionists of Egon Schiele, both by laying bare the tormented psyche of models, their poses unusual even theatrical; as the nerve of the bill? Viennese artist. Prime drum roll inside, Bam Bam Bam on beating heart, the temples that buzz, that within has song accompanied by voices, they argue barefoot in the dust, determined to extirpate them to become matter. Bam Bam Bam for Moché Kohen the night is right. It opens all possibilities, dissipates consciousness

Kolio Marko

Born in Bulgaria in 1965. Kolio spent much of his earlier years training in formal art. He studied at the School of Fine Art and Design and The Academy of Fine Art in Bulgaria. He later moved to London, England where he showed his work at various exhibitions and lived in Italy for a period of time where he studied classical painting and techniques.

The artist was commissioned to paint “trompe loeil murals” and classic portraits for private collectors in England, Germany, Switzerland and Italy

Robert Lenkiewicz

Robert Lenkiewicz was born in London in 1941, the son of refugees who ran a Jewish hotel in Fordwych Road, whose elderly residents included a number of Holocaust survivors. He was inspired to paint after seeing Charles Laughton in Alexander Korda's biographical film Rembrandt. At 16, Lenkiewicz was accepted at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and later attended the Royal Academy. However, he was virtually impervious to contemporary art fashions, being more interested in his favourite paintings in the National Gallery.

Oksana Leadbitter

Born in Budapest in 1974, Oksana is the daughter of a Russian artist who taught her to paint from a young age. At 11 she was offered a place at the Lithuanian State School of Fine Art for Gifted Children, which gave her a comprehensive grounding in the techniques of fine art. She learned the skills of watercolour, oil painting, sculpture and charcoal and was lucky enough to be taught by some of the most celebrated artists in the country.

Frank Paul

Frank Paul was born in London in 1984 and his parents are the very renowned artists Celia Paul and Lucian Freud. Frank knew he wanted to be an artist froman early age; he doodled in his exercise books at school like most of us, only Frank has never really stopped.When I first encountered one of his drawings, it stopped me in my tracks and
I knew that I wanted to own it. That feeling of being transported to anotherplace is something you can readily experience, especially in Franks work.

Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez was born on November 2, 1967 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. As a teenager Fabian was fascinated with martial arts and fine arts. Therefore, he dedicated himself to study both disciplines. Karate helped influence his character giving him great discipline as well as opening him up to other forms of art. Much of what Fabian learned through his Eastern studies influenced his paintings.


Marcus Pearson

For twenty years, Markus Pierson has painted and sculpted a series of subjects he playfully calls “dogs in suits.” His coyote series has garnered both critical acclaim and vast popularity across the world throughout its two-decade evolution. Pierson, who began painting after a brush with death in the mid-eighties, was inspired by the Joni Mitchell song “Coyote,” which led him to adopt these “dogs in suits” as spokespeople for the ebb and flow of the human condition.

Paula Rago

Rego was born in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, the daughter of an electrical engineer who worked for the Marconi Company. Although this gave her a comfortable middle class home, the family was divided in 1936 when her father was posted to work in England. Accompanied by Rego's mother, they left Rego behind in Portugal in the care of her grandmother until 1939. Her grandmother was to become a significant figure in Rego's life as she learnt many of the traditional folktales that would one day make their way into her art work from her grandmother and the family maid.

M J Reyes


Renzo was born on April 11, 1953 in Martinez, California and raised in the state’s Bay Area within a conservative and strictly religious environment. As the father of “Lucid Realism”, an artistic style that draws heavily on Renzo’s experiences with the indigenous cultures of Australia, Costa Rica, and Mexico as it expresses the commonality of the human experience through symbolic, abstract, and figurative expressionism, he encourages the viewer to perceive the cohesion between the waking and dreaming states.


Jose royo, Born in 1945 in Valencia, Spain, Jose royo, began demonstrating his artistic talent early. At the age of 9 his father, a prominent physician and avid art enthusiast, employed private tutors to instruct Royo in drawing, painting, and sculpture. When Royo turned 14 he entered the San Carlos Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Valencia. Upon turning 18 Royo continued his artistic studies privately with Aldolfo Ferrer Amblat, Chairman of Art Studies at the San Carlos Academy. He also visited the major museums in Europe at this time to study the famous masters-Velasquez, Goya, Renoir, Monet,


Marcelo Suaznabar

Marcelo Suaznábar was born in Bolivia in 1970 in the mining city of Oruro, located in the mid-western part of the country. He is the youngest of six brothers, son of Néstor Suaznábar Ochoa and Ana María Solari. From an early age he had a passion for drawing, motivated by his uncle Enrique Suaznábar, a professional photographer who lived in the same city. Focusing solely on drawing as the main vehicle of his creations, he showed a great interest in color from an early age

Samir Samon


John Swanell

Tony Snowden

Francesca Strino

Francesca Strino

Glen Tarnowski

Peter Wileman PROI, ARSMA, FRSA

We are delighted to announce that Award winning artist Peter Wileman will be visiting our York gallery to unveil his new collection of fine art originals. You are warmly welcome to meet Peter at the Exhibition on Saturday 25th June, from 12pm-4pm. Wine and refreshments will be served throughout the day. Peter Wileman has worked in the field of art and design for over 40 years. Painting since childhood, after leaving school he worked for the top publishing company, Hallmark Cards studying lettering and design.


Yuroz left Armenia for the United States. Even with a master's degree, he was unable to find work. But to him, the other homeless people in Los Angeles were a gallery of portraits waiting to be painted. Pitied by some, ignored by most, these people were regal survivors in a society which cast them aside like tin cans. Yuroz saw in their haunting eyes a reflection of himself. His early "Hollywood Boulevard" series depicts the homeless as beautiful and elegant despite the squalor around them. Soon Yuroz landed a job building models for an architectural firm by day and slept on the office couch by night. After a few months he had saved enough money to rent his own studio.