Svaja Glass, which in Lithuanian means dream.

Blue Lagoon

Inspired by the crystal blue waters that kiss the sands of Nida
Width: Height:
Vase (VS1) 420mm
Plate (VS3) 110mm 495mm



The glow of the golden sands of Nida in the midday sun...
Width: Height:
Round Vase 230mm 240mm
Plate 430mm 100mm
Vase 400mm



Where glorious wood, golden sand and crystal blue seas intertwine
Description Width: Height:
Bowl 180mm
Plate 400mm
Vase 380mm

Coral Seas

As the sun settles on the horizon, out to the west the sky lights up over the steel blue sea... Width: Height:
Vase 400mm Bowl 250mm 200mm Spherical Vase 230mm 230mm