Svaja Glass, which in Lithuanian means dream.



The spring green leaves of the pine forests of the peninsula contrast with the glimpses of the deep blue skies above
Width: Height: Small Vase 240mm 230mm Plate 400mm Vase 190mm 400mm


Representing the richness of the Baltic with a depth and intrigue of this inland sea Width: Height: Bowl 260mm 220mm Plate 490mm 85mm Vase 130mm 400mm

Molten Lava

Inspired by the golden stream of Amber surrendered by the Baltic Sea every dawn Width: Height: Wide Vase 390mm Vase 410mm Deep Plate 430mm 120mm

Marble Garden

As the moss carpet gathers over the forest floor, sparing only the intermittent stubborn rock Width: Height:
Small Vase 230mm 240mm
Plate 440mm Vase 190mm 400mm


The magic of Nida in full blossom, captured in glass
Width: Height: Bowl 250mm 200mm Plate 400mm 70mm Vase 400mm


The party rages into the night, the night sky is startled with an eruption of light - the fireworks have begun...
Width: Height:
Bowl 220mm 220mm
Plate 510mm 110mm
Vase 190mm 400mm


A tribute to Klaipeda, the Baltic Seas most northerly ice free port
Width: Height: Vase 400mm Spherical Vase 350mm 170mm Wide Top Vase 350mm 170mm Narrow Top Vase 280mm


Tears of Nida as another tree falls in the forest with the axe of the lumberjack...
Width: Height:
Small Vase 260mm
Vase 455mm
Plate 440mm


The colour and vibrancy of the summer festivals and frivolity of the Nida folk...
Width: Height:
Bowl 280mm 220mm
Vase 180mm 550mm
Plate 500mm 190mm





The wonder of the oak trees lining the bridle paths that dissect the Nida peninsula Width: Height: Bowl 270mm 190mm Plate 440mm Vase 420mm